Kelly and Murray from the SuperBook at the Westgate 3/4/21

“Kelly and Murray” is a college football, NFL and college basketball sports betting podcast with the Westgate SuperBook’s John Murray and Bleacher Report’s Kelly Stewart. The show provides behind-the counter information, sharp bets, game previews, weekend recaps and stories from Las Vegas. Kelly and John catch up after the three-and-a-half week break and it’s almost John’s birthday (1:24-2:20), No dinner plans for Kelly (2:21-3:31), Crypto life (3:32-7:26), Fans are allowed back in T-Mobile Arena for Knights games, but ticket brokers only let you buy four tickets (7:27-10:00), NBA Update: LeBron is finally taking a night off, Luke Walton is on the hot seat, the Jazz are playing great basketball and might be the only contenders with big playoff crowds (10:01-12:30), Golden Globes: Low viewership numbers, what Kelly is watching and Hollywood’s reaction to states reopening (12:31-16:54), College basketball update: Conference tournaments underway, difficulty wording the rules for bets to be graded as action, Gonzaga/Baylor vs. The Field, Sammy P’s Illinois winner, Kelly doesn’t have any future bets pending and Michigan is the biggest liability for the SuperBook (16:41-23:23), Mailbag: NBA TopShot, Kelly is on the wagon until 3/17, books’ adjustment for fans during March Madness, sharp bets on MLB season win totals, divisional markets and NL ROY, Westgate’s process for making numbers, UFC 259 sharp action (23:24-31:12), New show reviews (31:13-34:32), Kelly is flying “The Intern” out to Vegas for March Madness, Chris Thurston will be in attendance, difficulty of having people out to Vegas for the tournament (34:33-35:58), John had a golf ball fly through his window (35:58-37:10), Show schedule and SuperBook NV and CO generating great numbers (37:11-40:06) SUBSCRIBE! “Kelly and Murray” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn and wherever else you listen to your podcasts FOLLOW! @kellymurrayshow @kellyinvegas @vegasmurray