Kelly and John Murray’s PSA to Super Bowl bettors | Kelly & Murray Podcast


“Kelly and Murray” is a college football, NFL and college basketball sports betting podcast with the Westgate SuperBook’s John Murray and Bleacher Report’s Kelly Stewart. The show provides behind-the counter information, sharp bets, game previews, weekend recaps and stories from Las Vegas.

Kelly has been very sensitive to smells (1:22-2:35), Kelly’s dinner plans, John Murray had a big weekend, friends of the show coming to Vegas for the Super Bowl (2:36-4:37), John is very disappointed in the Liverpool Football Club and Kelly won another soccer bet (4:38-5:02), Askren/Paul is posted at the SuperBook one dollar cheaper than the market and expects high handle on the event (5:03-9:51), Alt Coin Talk: John Murray’s investing group chat, Kelly is finally making money in the market (9:52-10:45), Super Bowl splits, arbitrage players and phone accounts are restricting the Chiefs moneyline price to fall, potential in-game wagering opportunities (10:46-18:25), Infatuation with Super Bowl commercials (18:26-19:22), What is the SuperBook going to need? (19:23-24:05), Gambling Twitter losers (24:06-24:52), Paul came to visit John Murray at the Westgate and Ethan wrote a very nice email to the show (24:53-26:40), Big Futures pending: 55k on Chiefs at 5-1 placed on 2/5/2020 and 3.3k on Buccaneers at 60-1 placed on 2/2/2020 (26:41-27:44), Inside information on futures and novelty props (27:45-30:26), Super Bowl MVP (30:27-33:30), First touchdown Scorer (33:31-34:39), Sharp prop bets (34:40-41:55), Silly kicking bets (41:56-42:38), John Murray has “friends” in random Midwest bars (42:39-43:33), Mailbag: Parlaying props, Chiefs -2.5 -125, Chiefs moneyline drop in price, morale at Westgate, Betting Godzilla vs. King Kong, odds on getting a date with MintyBets, Soccer vs. Big 12/SEC CFB, and Chiefs players O/U rushing attempts (43:34-50:23), Reviews (50:24-56:09), Kelly and John Murray’s PSA to Super Bowl bettors and the WagerTalk girls’ TikTok (56:10-1:00:56)

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